Digital Society Award

zukunftsweb - Digital Society Award
Raum D, quartier21, MQ, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien
Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 7PM


For the first time this year, the ZukunftsWeb initiative along with the paraflows festival .10  present the Digital Society Award competition.

This award, to be decided in a citizens’ e-vote, will distinguish initiatives which have contributed to enabling new forms of societal participation through their engagement with digital media and social networks.

Concerns of the Digital Society Awards

“Digital citizens” are daily contributing to new forms of participation in societal design. In this way, social networks, microblogging, crowd wisdom, and many other types of personal and communal expression in online media are becoming the cultural techniques which fundamentally attempt to live out e-participation.
With the award, the organizers hope to heighten the visibility of a quietly forming Internet democracy and to present an incentive for active “digital citizenship.”

Awards may go to Facebook initiatives, blogs, community websites, crowdsourcing initiatives, and wikis. Further information on the competition:

About the ZukunftsWeb initiative

Which opportunities and risks does the ZukunftsWeb have in store for the individual, society, and economy? What can it do? Since 2009, the Projekt ZukuntsWeb has been engaging these questions. Similar to the introduction of “HTML” twenty years ago and the avalanche-like spread of the social web / Web2.0, we are now once again faced with a turning point of the Internet. 2009 is the year in which we saw Web 3.0 in various manifestations: as semantic web, web of data, web of things, and more. We must discuss today what we can expect from the future and what we might hope of it.

With the event and webinar series ZukunfsWeb the QDP, along with leading experts and protagonists in the field and in partnership with German-speaking media, heightens public awareness for the so-called ZukunftsWeb. Project director Thomas Thurner: “We want to stimulate the conversation and identify opportunities, risks, and various perspectives for businesses and (net) users.” The project has been running since November 2009 and is sponsored by the Technologieagentur of the City of Vienna and the Zentrum für Innovation und Technologie (ZIT, Center for Innovation and Technology).