Fri, 19.9.2014

20:00 | Gueule Populaire

In 2010, Gueule Populaire originally started out as a 'classic' improvised music group in the Viennese tradition. Like many of those, over the years of constant collaboration, we also slowly developed the need for an extension of material, which at the beginning manifested itself in the idea of the compositional emancipation and integration of movement into our practice.

What first was just an emphasis on natural gestures evolving while playing the instruments, turned into a general awareness and focus on the body and its extension, the environment. We continued to work with subliminal body language, flicker movement and different room positionings that result in altered room acoustics.

Following the path of expansion, we also started to weave in other theatrical elements (light-design, costumes, props) and explored and integrated altered mental/structural states like static installational or durational approaches into our performances, further opening up new dimensions of experience.

Gueule Populaire are Margaret Unknown (various audio setups ranging from prepared guitar, synthesizer, DIY electronics, woodwinds, percussion, feedback systems, voice) and Rosi Rehformen (cello, voice).

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21:00 | ease

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klaus filip – ppooll [laptop] | noid – ppooll [laptop]
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"... a music that generates a hypnotic atmosphere out of musical atoms like: sine waves, clicks, feedback and noise. once in a while giving a reference to real world by playing sounds of everyday life. very pure, very fragile, beautifully restrained." [Carl Stone]

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Klaus Filip *1963 computer music, programming, composition
Klaus Filip is a performer/composer/programmer and was maybe the first Viennese musician to use a laptop on stage at around 1993. The main focus of his current work is sinewaves, whose subtle and adducent sounds are used in a wide dynamic range depending on the project; that could be a noisy set with Chulki Hong or playing at the odour detection threshold with Radu Malfatti.

Klaus Filip runs a software project called ppooll (formerly known as lloopp) that is a networking collection of a variety of modules. This freeware is widely used by improvising musicians all over the world. Teaching position at the university of applied arts, Vienna. Steady dispute with the computer as a musical instrument.

Colaborations with: Radu Malfatti, Kai Fagaschinski, Werner Dafeldecker, dieb13, Christof Kurzmann, Boris Hauf, Christian Fennesz, Jason Kahn, John Butcher, Sabine Marte, Gilles Aubry, noid, mattin, red white, Cynthia Schwertsik, Cordula Bösze, Silvia Fässler, Taku Unami, oblaat, Taku Sugimoto, Toshimaru Nakamura, Tim Blechmann, Ivan Palacky, Burkhard Stangl, Eddie Prevost, John Tilbury, Ko Ichikawa, Nikos Veliotis, Axel Dörner, Masahiko Okura, Susanna Gartmayer, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Seijiro Murayama, Katharina Klement, Philipp Leitner, Thomas Strehl, etc.

Current bands: los glissandinos (duo with Kai Fagaschinski), taus (duo with Tim Blechmann), ease (duo with Arnold Haberl), duo with Radu Malfatti

Projectts:ppooll (open source software project, since 1997), reheat (annual multimedia festival 2007-2010), photophon (optical sound installation together with noid9, tripple duo (advanced internet improvisation concept), kleylehof (atelier & homebase) crossfade" at the Wiener Schauspielhaus

Recordings: sigis bruder "leftovers" (klaus filip / sigi ecker) trost 1994 ~ orchester 33 1/3, plag dich nicht 1996 ~ orchester 33 1/3 "maschine brennt", charhizma 1999 ~ "building excess" klaus filip / radu malfatti / mattin / dean roberts (grob records 651, cologne 2004 ) ~ los glissandinos "stand clear" (creative sources, lisboa 06/2005) ~ toshimaru nakamura/klaus filip "aluk" (IMJ-526, japanimprov/tokyo 2006) ~ taus "the organ of corti" klaus filip / tim blechmann (l'innomable, ljubljana 2007)~ radu malfatti & klaus filip "imaoto" (earstwhile 2009)

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noid /aka Arnold Haberl Musiker, Komponist, Sound Artist, lebt und arbeitet in Wien
His music interprets the reality of sound we live in - this reality consists of imaginations, wishes, dreams and acoustical hallucinations as well as of the sound of the fan or a laptop or the wolf-tone of a cello. His sensual approach to sound, assisted by structural concepts, addresses a wide range of contradictory outcomes. Since the self-understanding of his work can be described as fundamental research, the results are mostly understandable as a concentrate (essence), leaving out irrelevant points. Consequently his musical works span from solo-works and installations to compositions for ensembles, using electronics as well as acoustic instruments, often denying the borderline between music and sound-art. This led him to collaborations with several choreographers, like João Fiadeiro, Colette Sadler, Akemi Takeya, Philipp Gehmacher, etc... and visual artists as for instance Alexander Schellow, Heike Kaltenbrunner, Erik Hable or god's entertainment. As an improviser he performs in various constellations, among others with: Klaus Filip, Taku Unami, o.blaat, Axel Doerner, Christian Weber, Kai Fagaschinski, dieb13, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, etc.

He is also programming for the "ppooll" project: an open source / copyleft / freeware, designed for live – improvisation, composition, interactive installations.

Recent releases: noid | taku unami: "¬ + : *" [CD - manual 2009], noid: "you're not here" [CD – hibarimusic 2007], noid: "ausflug ins gruene" [7" – klanggalerie 2006], noid: "monodigmen" [CD – aRtonal 2004]

Compositions (selected): "music for 5 instruments and a gun" [stones, megaphones, voice, strings, electronics and gunshots, 2008],"trilogy for a room" [surface, volume & cello, 2007], "rahmenbedingung" [w/ klaus filip, dieb13, nikolaj kirisits 2006] "resonant ensemble"[für 4-5 akustische feedbackmodulators 2005], "laptop conduction" [w/ klaus filip – for 6 performer, 2005], "instant monodigmen" [for cello-solo & one conductor, 2005], "instant multidigmen" [for 4-5 acoustical instruments, 2005], "trio for cello solo" [w/ erik hable, for cello, videocamera & headphones 2005], "multidigmen – vers. b.02 – cellowork" [for 50 celloplayers, 2004], "falling upwards" [for cello, electronics & live broadcast, 2004] "speakersaver" [laptop-solo, 2004], "interaktionen" [for 8-15 instrumentalists and a conductor" 2001]

Music for dance&performance (selected): "musical" [colette sadler 2010], "este corpo que me ocupa" [joão fiadeiro 2008], "walk&talk", [phillip gehmacher, alexander schellow 2008], "wieder" [lisa hinterreithner 2008], "para onde vai a luz quando se apaga" [joão fiadeiro 2007], ">back to front<" [mariella greil / walter lauterer, 2004], "ZZ" [akemi takeya, 2004],

Installations (selectedl): "dingus tones" [sound installation 2010], "noise- shower" [sound installation 2009], "huddle" [sound installation 2008], "you’re not here" [sound installation 2007], "wann kommt musik?" [video installation w/ erik hable 2006], "die selbstschenkerin"[sound installation 2005], "resonant room" [sound installation 2005]

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